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2012 Guangzhou Hui Hua Company Joy and celebration housewarming hold time

The Friends, VIP customers:
           How are you! Welcome to the official website of Hui Chinese Enterprises : Wai Wah Packaging Group - Hui Chinese companies - China Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Hui - 's factory - Hui Chinese paper packaging products factory - Wai Wah Plastic Packaging Products factory - Wai Wah metal packaging products plant. Thank you for your business has been on the Wai Wah attention and support , and now Wai Wah on November 1, 2011 began the move to a new address : Guangzhou New Town Development Zone, Sha Sha Kau Kau village on the 9th ( ie : Guanghui Expressway Xiancun export , next to Lai new highway ) , the relocation of the company 's investment of nearly 4.5 million expansion and building construction craft decorating equipment and plant again , for the staff to create a four-star office and production environments for customers to build five-star packaging products, further expanding the production of China 's competitive strength and benefits of the product, an increase of 3 sets of automatic blow molding machine again , the workshop is sealed air-conditioned clean room, paper packaging plant fully automated production lines, all products to achieve high standards , high demand, high-volume production , thereby protecting the quality of the product , the company pursues work with the brain , heart life, morality and conscience to do with food packaging . Ensure the best quality products manufactured in China who make the world more beautiful.
        The new plant is scheduled housewarming celebration at 10:00 on January 9th, 2012 , held to warmly welcome you to our esteemed plant visit, study, guest ! Regards ! Guangzhou Hui Hua Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Chairman : High Color Army Tel 020 -61767899 ( 30 lines ) 13928993709
                                                                                                                                                       November 29, 2011