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Paper Packaging Industry Development Forecast cans

Paper Packaging Industry Development Forecast of China's
◎ development of food-specific packaging

Currently, the pace of research and development of food packaging special paper should be accelerated. Need to develop a food warmer wrapping paper. This paper is available features , is able to keep cooked food packaged fragrant , fresh , heat, easy for people to eat , to accommodate the fast-paced life. The principle of this paper is like a solar thermal collectors , like the ability to convert light energy into heat energy. Usually people just put this paper in a special place where the sun can be illuminated , enclosed space of the paper will continue to have a calorie supplement it , so that the food inside the paper to maintain a certain heat.
◎ paper cans and broad development prospects

Currently, the annual consumption of aluminum cans 60 to 7 billion , the need to import large quantities of raw materials , and expensive, plus the pollution of the environment and other factors , the state has not approved a new production line of aluminum cans , which can be found instead of aluminum the new packaging container quality cans has become a hot issue of concern to the industry . Birth of paper cans , aluminum cans overcome the drawbacks , there are broad prospects for development. Paper can be used in paint, chemical, food , pharmaceutical and other packaging , but also the production of paper boxes , paper cups, drum , and other products . Experts estimate that the annual demand of paper cans will gradually reach 15 billion , and its excellent features will inject new vitality into China's packaging industry .
◎ improve the quality of paper packaging

In recent years , China's rapid development carton industry . Especially domestic brand products and export products packaging cartons, boxes made increasing demands. One cardboard transport packaging gradually develop packaging , packaging boxes printing text pattern requires clarity, color and gradually developed into the three-color , six-color , requiring accurate color , dot lines developed from the current 60 to 80 lines , while the packaging and printing machinery and precision very demanding , and the development of flexo packaging printing . The second is to gradually replace gray cardboard packaging paperboard , develop white color surface printing , water-based inks to replace oil-based ink , so that packaging and printing beautiful, clear , bright , technical content increased in order to increase the added value of goods and comply with environmental requirements.
◎ emphasis on recycling wrapping paper

In recent years , with the rapid growth of the economy , the industry is increasingly concerned about the problem of packaging products combined with environmental protection. The use of recycled paper made from renewable cartons, paper bags , cardboard boxes , etc., banned partially environmentally friendly plastic packaging products ; renewable use of waste paper instead of foam polystyrene , has become the development trend of packaging products .

The next ten years, the paper packaging industry will remain in the development of the adjustment period . With the acceleration of global economic development , urbanization , improving people's living standards , upgrading of consumption structure , the paper market supply and demand will continue to grow rapidly , the paper packaging industry has a huge space for development.

Fresh packaging will occupy a considerable market ; plastic bottles still occupies an important position ; increase application layers of plastic composite packaging technology ; vacuum packaging will quietly rise ; development and design of green packaging materials is the eternal theme .
Cosmetics packaging more humane personalized

Cosmetics packaging needs both protective , functional and decorative, Trinity is the future direction of development of cosmetic packaging .