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Paper tank containers

Composite paper cans is a paper packaging containers in recent years, together with the rest of the information to carry out complex made. China currently important for potato chips and tea and other solid food packaging; while in a foreign country is more used to hold moisture requesting higher health food, oil food, frozen food, etc. dilution.

 Composite paper cans have good vision development and application can be used as metal, glass, ceramic containers substitutes. Compared with these packaging containers, paper composite cans have a more significant disadvantage: composite paper cans is an important raw material for the paper recycling solved easily; excellent performance composite paper cans cover, waterproof, moisture-proof, there is certainly insulation consequences; complex paper cans odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, special utility in food packaging; composite paper cans can be filled with a variety of appearance of goods, when the tone and filling small; composite paper cans may suffer positive and negative, can be used in vacuum or charge nitrogen packaging; composite paper cans of exterior construction styles characterization can be carried out with good color display consequences; composite paper cans as long as 30% of the mass of cans, composite paper cans circulate easily, using inconvenient, low price.

  Use category composite paper cans is very common, dressed powdery solid foods: the new trend of the composite paper cans outside cocoa, tea, sugar, seeds, roasted, salt, cereal, coffee and a variety of solid beverage, paper composite cans can also be used dressed in a variety of liquid foods, if juice, wine, mineral water, milk and so on. Composite paper can also be used to hold moisture requesting higher health food, oil food, frozen food, etc. dilution. For example, about 85 percent of the U.S. orange juice diluted adopt composite paper cans. Japan for more than 50% of the soft drink is to take aluminum easy-open ends of the composite paper cans.