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Paper cans Glossary: Kraft - Composite paper packaging products

Glossary : Kraft - Composite paper packaging products
Band: includes double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 0 , pressure sensitive tape , senior sided adhesive tape, sealing tape, adhesive tape , paper adhesive tape .
Core : Includes Zhixin, corrugated paper , paper tube core , spiral paper tube core .
Cardboard : generally thicker than 0.1 mm paper called cardboard. Divided into cardboard packaging , industrial cardboard, paperboard and printed with the construction of cardboard decorated four categories . Quantitative generally less than 225 g / m² paper is considered to be quantitatively 225 g / m² or more are considered cardboard.
Drum : including paper square buckets , paper tubes, paper tube core , spiral paper tube .
Paperboard : also known as cardboard.
Cups : a cup-shaped liquid packaging containers , hot and cold drink cups , fast food cup.
Paper bag : According bags side , bottom and back cover different ways , there are openings on the bottom of the bag , open end of the bag bonding angle valve suture bag -valve flat hexagonal bonding bag bottom end of four paper bag types. Use more than four kraft paper bag , packing cement , fertilizers and other products. Depending on the performance to be packaged , using different types of paper bags . Other bags include: cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags , laminating paper bag , four bags, Irazu .
 Carton : carton packaging is largely known for its exquisite styling and decor to promote landscaping products , improve the competitiveness of goods. Because of the shape and structure of the design of the tray is often determined by the shape of the characteristics of packaged goods , so a lot of its style and type , rectangular , square, polygon , shaped boxes, cylindrical , etc., but its basic manufacturing process the same, that the choice of materials - design icon - manufacturing template - stamping - coalesces box .
 Packaging : paper for packaging , requiring high strength , low moisture content , permeability of small , non-corrosive . Paper for food packaging also requires health , sterile, non-polluting impurities. Packaging paper kraft paper , brown paper sack paper , parchment , cellophane, tar paper, waterproof paper , gunpowder wrapping paper, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper , rust-proof paper , greaseproof paper , food wrappers, wax paper, tea bag paper , red lightning gun paper, vacuum metallized paper and so on.
Coated Paper: The pigment , binder and coating auxiliary materials , coated paperboard by surface equipment , drying , calendering the paper layer of smooth , dense coating is formed , the surface properties and printability obtained good art paper . Used for cigarette , labels, cartons , etc.
Offset Paper : mainly one-sided offset printing paper . White glossy paper , but the whiteness , tightness , smoothness less than coated paper . Super- calendered offset paper , its smoothness, tightness pressure better than ordinary light offset paper , printed text, and yellow patterned after pasting into paperboard cartons .
Trademark Paper : Business white paper , good printing performance for the production of the trademark logo.
Kraft : including cardboard , paper cement bag , high strength corrugated paper , brown cardboard. Kraft is using softwood kraft texture of the paste made of tough, high-intensity , high-strength paper was brown wrapping paper, from the appearance of the light can be divided into single-sided , double-sided light , striped , no stripes and other varieties , quality requirements are slightly different . Mainly for the production of small brown paper bags , paper bags and industrial products , textiles, general merchandise packaging . Kraft into U, A, B3 level .
Corrugated : Corrugated in the production process has been pressed into corrugated shape , made of corrugated board will provide future flexibility cardboard , flat crush strength, and impact of vertical compression strength and other properties. Corrugated cardboard, paper formation, thickness to be consistent, can not have wrinkles, cracks and holes diseases such as paper , otherwise the fault of the production process to increase decapitation , affect product quality.
Sack : Sack kraft similar , mostly softwood kraft pulp to produce, the country also has a partially mixed with bamboo , cotton stalk pulp, rag pulp production , and therefore high mechanical strength sack , generally used to make cement , pesticides, fertilizers and other industrial bags. When to require suitable filling , Sack requires a certain degree of breathability and greater elongation .
Cellophane : the mount is a widely used cellophane and decorative packaging paper. Transparency makes it clear to the built-in merchandise , and after surface coated with moisture, waterproof, airtight , heat sealing properties, commodities play a good protection. Comparison with ordinary plastic film , which has no static electricity , dust, kink resistance and good. Cellophane with white , color and so on.
White cardboard : a tablet of paper, it is a smooth surface , texture firm.
Paperboard : Paperboard Paperboard into double-sided and single-sided white board , double-sided white board only for luxury goods packaging using only general -sided paperboard cartons they use , such as the production of cigarettes , cosmetics, medicines, food, stationery and other goods the outer box .
Composite paper : Use a binder , paper, cardboard and other plastic , aluminum foil, cloth and other layers together to get a composite processing paper . Complex processing of paper can not only improve the appearance of paper and paperboard performance and strength , the main thing is to improve the water, moisture , oil , gas tight aroma and other properties, while also obtaining heat sealing, light resistance , heat resistance. Production of composite paper methods are wet, dry , hot extrusion laminating and other technology integration method .
Printing paper: Paper designed for printing . Use can be divided into: newsprint , book paper, cover paper, bond paper. Different printing methods may be divided into letterpress printing paper , gravure printing paper, offset printing paper .
Printing paper : including color paper boxes, color boxes .
Moisture-proof paper: coated paper in the middle of the asphalt layers made of wrapping paper. Used mainly for packaging of cigarettes moisture , also can be used as fruit packaging. Moisture- proof paper has a certain capacity , the minimum rate at which moisture above 15% , good moisture-proof paper coating uniformity , strong adhesion , no cracking and tar paper layer off penetration phenomenon , not less than 85 degrees heat , should not be smell, so as not to affect the quality of cigarettes , but has not used paper packaging of cigarettes .
Paper products include: paper products, paper products, printing , paper packaging machinery, paper products processing , packaging products.
Packaging : Includes drug packaging, silk boxes, colored gift boxes, roof type milk cartons , paper color box .
Fine Corrugated : corrugated board , also known as E -type thin , very good, generally used for the production of carton packaging as sales ; may also be used alone as an E-type corrugated board paper ampoule buffer compartment .
Yellow Cardboard : Cardboard called grass yellow cardboard , color yellow, mainly used as an ordinary carton packaging shoes , hardware , and some cheap commodity , after a layer of fine print labels veneer, also used to wrap and knitted garments goods. Production of yellow cardboard material is 100% natural color lime method or wheat straw pulp and paper straw .
Cardboard : cardboard boxes used for the surface layer of corrugated board , box after it is made of cardboard boxes surface , thus requiring cardboard boxes with high pressure , folding , tensile , abrasion resistance, puncture and other strength properties and a certain degree of water resistance , the paper strong and resilient , but also must have good appearance properties and printability .
Shopping Bag: including paper shopping bags, provided with a handle . Shopping bags require high strength , shall print , generally made of brown paper in the handle outside the ribs, there is also a high quantitative Art coated paper ( coated offset printing paper ) made by the later color decor nice, can be repeated repeated use .
Compound bag : When using multi-layer paper bags for moisture in paper bags or plastic film to join the middle asphalt waterproof paper .
Cement bags : including composite cement bags, woven cement bags, cement bags of paper.
Adhesive tape : it is a paper , cloth, plastic film to the substrate , then the wet paper made adhesive tape was uniformly coated on said substrate , adhesive cloth tape , heat-sensitive adhesive tape , pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is composed of a substrate , the adhesive , the release agent of three parts .
Composite cans : composite cans rapid development in recent years a new type of packaging products. It cardboard, plastic film, aluminum foil made of a certain way around the tube , and then sealing the metal or plastic cover , made good barrier properties , water and oil of composite cans , widely used in food , oil and cream , liquid materials packaging, alternative metal , glass jars using beneficial waste disposal , while reducing packaging costs.
Pulp molding include: egg tray , fruit tray. It is based on waste paper as raw material, add some chemicals and then made into various shapes according to the model of products for different purposes , used as eggs , fruit, precision devices , and break the fragile glass , ceramics , handicrafts , etc. packing cushions , a good cushioning protection. Pulp molding production technology and equipment developed rapidly , the basic process is the slurry preparation , molding , drying three processes.
Adhesive paper : mostly high intensity white paper to paper , coated paper adhesive stickers become . Usage: self-adhesive paper printing marks, mark memo .
Color packaging : color , including color packaging boxes, color corrugated packaging , paper color packaging boxes.
Glass jam : a tablet of paper, which both sides shiny.
 Aluminum foil backing : aluminum foil backing : Includes vacuum aluminum . The paper and foil together with an adhesive composite , formed mount . More for cigarettes , candy and other packaging.
Corrugated boxes : corrugated board after cutting, creasing , or sticky tack boxes made of corrugated boxes . Corrugated boxes is a most widely used packaging products , the amount has been the first of a variety of packaging products . Including Gaisu corrugated boxes .
Corrugated board: including Honeycomb . Corrugated cardboard into the shape of the process after a certain way and cardboard fit together to form a multi-layer paperboard called corrugated cardboard.
 Other paper packaging : including palpable boxes, computer paper , transparent paper packaging, refrigerated containers, transport packaging, fertilizer bags, paper tape coated with water , wood pulp , color paper, cigarette paper , paper packaging materials, paper and plastic packaging products , calcium plastic panels lining, silk packaging, buckle boxes, injection boxes, pharmaceutical packaging , tar paper , tissue paper , metal lock packaging, sodium silicate , hemp packaging materials, plastic wrappers , the lattice matching clothing pallets , kraft paper bags
Paper packaging products : including cartons, boxes, bags and so on.
Fine corrugated boxes : the use of D, E corrugated cartons produced , said thin corrugated boxes .