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Paper cans - broad prospects for application of the composite paper cans

Composite paper cans broad prospects for application:
      Composite paper cans with good prospects , as metal, glass , ceramic containers substitutes. Compared with these packaging containers , paper composite cans has more obvious advantages, its main features are : As the main raw material is paper , so recycling is easy ; excellent protection performance , waterproof, moisture-proof , there is a certain insulation effect ; odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially for food packaging ; may be filled with a variety of shapes of goods, when and filling noise ; modeling structure and diverse, outer layer can be color , with good display effect ; light weight, only 30% tin , circulation easy , easy to use , low price . Applications composite paper cans is very extensive, in addition to containing a powder commonly used in solid foods such as cocoa , tea , sugar , salt, cereal, coffee and a variety of solid drink . For example , about 85 percent of the U.S. orange juice concentrate using composite paper cans. Japan, more than 50% of soft drinks are easy-open lid with aluminum composite paper cans. In addition , the composite paper cans suitable for candy , tea , wine, milk , snack foods, dried fruit powder food, monosodium glutamate, chicken , cosmetics, handicrafts , gifts, underwear , bras, sports goods , calligraphy and paintings , drawings, documents and other packaging and decoration . Is a new generation of environmentally friendly packaging supplies , alternative cans , plastic containers and other packaging materials . Composite paper cans is also a new type of packaging products , it is not only green, but also low cost, is a good choice for food packaging . It is a collection of paper membrane iron as a whole, is altogether the best fried food packaging containers . This product is paper, plastic , aluminum composite packaging cans, with excellent sealing performance, health and safety, low cost, fashionable , etc., the majority of users are welcome !